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The French drain is one of the most popular types of piping systems used to get rid of drain water from the home. The drain is nothing more than a ditch that’s filled with stone. It deposits water so that it flows into an area that isn’t potentially damaging to the property. People use French drains to solve a number of issues around the home, including basement flooding and excess water.  It could benefit you tremendously to install a French drain.

french drain repair erie pennsylvania

Henry French developed the idea for the French drain in the early 1800s. It is a simple design that consists of a trench that slopes in a downward direction so water runs through. PVC piping covers the stone. The French drains have been successfully used in homes and businesses of all sizes since that time. The drains are popular because they’re fairly simple to install and the need for french drain repair erie pennsylvania is usually minimal, although some problems can arise that need the attention of a professional.

If you intend to use a French drain at your property, you must properly plan for the addition. A French drain cannot be placed just anywhere on the property so choosing the pristine location is the first step. You must ensure that it is installed at a high point and in a location that water won’t harm.  Most people use professionals to install the French drain. If you use the experts, they’ll determine the best location for the drain as well as other important factors that ensure proper installation.

Costs to install a French drain vary. It is ideal to request estimates from a few plumbers to ensure that you get the best rates for the work. On average, people spend about $1200 for the installation.